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Good game !

Congratulations on finding the hidden content.
Like what curiosity is not a bad fault, far from it. ☺️

Here I wanted to tell in a few lines the story of Hamanas.
Why this name? Why jewelry? Why resin with inclusions? You will see that everything is linked...

First of all, Hamanas is the mixture of Mana and Havana. My two cats.
It's a bit thanks to them that it all started, when I discovered resin and my experiments led me to want to keep a small lock of their fur.
  in a pendant.
Add to that my lifelong attraction to all that glitters, to pretty things, it has
  ended up bringing me inexorably towards jewelry. Mix it all up and voila! The Hamanas adventure was born!

And here's a little reward just for you, for coming all the way here: Use code HAMANAS15 to get 15% off your order.

Thank you !!! ♥️

(And Mana and Havana 😉)


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